Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


College of Graduate Studies

First Advisor

Thomas D. Darby

Second Advisor

Eugene F. Woods

Third Advisor

T. B. Calhoun

Fourth Advisor

William M. McCord


It is well known that when the body is subjected to various stress conditions there is almost always a reflex release of certain neurohumoral substances in an attempt to compensate for these abnormal conditions. Acid-base changes, for example, are some of the most frequent occurring under these conditions. As mentioned throughout this thesis there is a direct correlation between acidosis end extreme hypotension or shock. The objective of these experiments was to investigate and determine the influence of acidosis on the cardiovascular response to the sympatho-adrenal hormones, arterenol and epinephrine, which are released in large amounts during shock. These studies included: 1) the influence of metabolic acidosis on the responsiveness of the myocardium to epinephrine and arterenol, 2) the role of endogenous release of epinephrine and arterenol in contributing to metabolic acidosis and loss of responsiveness to these amines and 3) the production of acidosis by exogenous intravenous infusion of lactic acid, arterenol or epinephrine.


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