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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is one of the fastest growing models of care innovation in the United States. Despite such dramatic growth and national policy support, there is little to no research available to help understand this model. The purpose of this program evaluation is to better understand the emerging model of DPC as it is being delivered across 8 participating DPC organizations. A retrospective, longitudinal analysis has been performed utilizing electronic health record, telehealth, and membership data from full-years 2018 and 2019 to identify utilization patterns across stratified DPC patient populations. Patient records will be stratified by gender, age, risk, and family status to assess physical and virtual utilization patterns and statistically significant differences between each population segment. This evaluation was conducted to help direct primary care clinics better understand the staffing and technological resources required to best manage and care for their patient panels, better anticipate resource constraints when onboarding new patients, and better identify appropriate patient panel sizes.


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