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Doctor of Health Administration


College of Health Professions

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Kit N. Simpson

Second Advisor

Annie N. Simpson

Third Advisor

Daniel Brinton


Using the 2013 edition of the Truven Marketscan ® Administrative Claims database, this study looks to link the expected side effects of Beers Criteria medications to logical hospital admissions. This study sets to examine hospital admissions and emergency department visits for community-dwelling elderly individuals 65 years or older specifically for falls and fracture as well as confusion and delirium admissions. These hospital admission types constitute a significant number of admissions the elderly experience due to the medication side effects which affect balance, gait, and cognition. Through the use of 2.6 million propensity-score matched patients, 1.297 million having been exposed to Beers Criteria medications and 1.297 million patients not exposed, this study was able to confirm the linkage between the expected side effects of the medication classes and their logical hospital admissions. Antipsychotics and benzodiazepines were the most frequent prescribed medications to both groups of admission and were also associated with the highest increase in risk of hospitalizations. Future research into medication specific research in regards to falls and fractures, and confusion and delirium in the elderly is warranted.


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