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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


College of Nursing

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Roy Acierno

Second Advisor

Mulugeta Gebregziabher

Third Advisor

Charlene Pope

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Taxi drivers have a higher cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence compared to the general population. Many African immigrants in the US work as taxi drivers. Studies have also shown increased rates of CVD among African immigrants compared to other ethnic groups. However, very few studies have examined CVD risk among African immigrant taxi drivers in the US. This dissertation is a compendium of three manuscripts that represent an integrative review of CVD and taxi driver studies, followed by qualitative and quantitative studies relevant to the understanding of the CVD risk knowledge and perceptions of African immigrant drivers in the Baltimore-Washington area. The first manuscript is an integrative review of CVD risk and taxi driver studies. The second manuscript examines the CVD knowledge of this population using the Heart Disease Fact Questionnaire. The final manuscript involves a qualitative study of the CVD perceptions and experiences of AITD, using Kleinman’s Explanatory Models post-coding and initial analysis for subsequent clinical application. Findings from both studies provide a better understanding of the CVD risk knowledge, perceptions, and experiences of African immigrant taxi drivers in the Baltimore-Washington area as a basis for future intervention.


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