Date of Award


Document Type

Dissertation - MUSC Only

Degree Name

Doctor of Health Administration


College of Health Professions

First Advisor

Jillian Harvey

Second Advisor

Rebecca Freeman

Third Advisor

Mark Mellott


The healthcare industry has evolved and improved patient care with the use of technology. Technology has improved the business, satisfied regulatory and governmental requirements. In the past few years, technological solutions have advanced with the onset of cloud to solve issues with data storage, application access and infrastructure. Clouds help improve important industry aspects such as increasing patient access, information sharing and staff efficiency. The benefits and the risks of cloud and technical configuration is a topic that is frequently researched and explored. The assessment of organizational readiness to move to cloud is a topic that still remains in infancy. Organizational readiness includes specific areas that include implementation planning, vendor and stakeholder management, privacy and security, resource utilization and adoption. However, there are studies available and a majority of them have been conducted outside of the US. Using an integrative research method, this doctoral project examines selected articles related to the topic and categorizes them in areas that highly impact the success of cloud implementations. As a result, the data will be used to produce a readiness assessment for healthcare organizations. For future research, healthcare organizations in the US has specific complexities that should be considered when implementing cloud.


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