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Increased synthesis of IgG in vitro has been demonstrated in spleens from patients with Hodgkin's disease, either with or without invasion of the organ by tumor (1). Interest in this laboratory has centered recently on cytochemical localization of immunoglobulins by means of an immunoglobulin-peroxidase bridge procedure (2) and a satisfactory method has been developed for selectively visualizing immunocytes with this technique. 1 As a means of assessing the basis for increased IgG biosynthesis in spleens of Hodgkin patients, this immunostaining procedure has been applied to localization of IgG-producing cells in specimens with Hodgkin's disease.


Article written by researchers from the Departments of Pathology and Surgery, Medical University of South Carolina. Published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine, May 1, 1974, volume 139, pages 1077-1083. Includes abstract, references, and black-and-white photographic illustrations.